Design Documentation

We are almost there! You love your Design Concept, and have received all necessary approvals. We now take the design into even more detail using the previous set of drawings as a base, documenting all the details required by the builder to cost and build your restaurant. At the end of the documentation phase you will have:

  • Demolition Plan
  • Layout Plan
  • Stainless Bench Plan & Details
  • Wall Setout & Finishes Plan
  • Hydraulics Plan
  • Floor Finishes Plan
  • Electrical & Data Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan (Ceiling Layout)
  • Elevations & Sections
  • Colour 3D’s
  • Equipment, Furniture, Lighting, Plumbing, & Finishes Selections
  • Signage & Graphics Details
  • Wall & Door Details
  • Joinery Details
  • Any other information required

This set of drawings is used by builders to estimate the cost your restaurant fitout. Depending on your project, you may already have a builder you would like to work with, or you may want to extend a request for tender (RFT) to different builders. We can help you with this and other project management tasks in the phase of your project.

Next Step: Pre-Construction Project Management