Needs & Analysis

The Needs & Analysis is a no-obligation consultation where we visit the site of your new restaurant to run through your project and what you would like to accomplish. We will discuss different options and answer questions about budget, timeline, approvals, and anything else you are unsure of.

After our meeting you will receive your Needs & Analysis review, an outlined plan to move forward with your restaurant, including:

  • Any hand drawn sketches or plans done during the meeting
  • Photo documentation of the site
  • List of approvals and permits required to open
  • Estimated budget
  • Timeline

This consultation takes two to three hours at a costs of $350 (ex GST). If you would like help choosing between locations, we can visit other options for an additional $200 (ex GST) per site and include a comparison in the review. Travel within the Sydney area is free and travel charges or day rate can be negotiated in advance for other areas. The consultation can take place off-site with photographs and documentation.

Once you have a clear plan with your Needs & Analysis review, you have the option of taking the next step with us towards opening your restaurant.

Next step: Initial Plans & Mood Board